Lugansk People’s Republic seized two journalists

In violation of the plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, armed groups of so-called «Luhansk Republic» seized two journalists of Luhansk — Alexander Belokobylskij and Sergei Sakadynsky.

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«We will poison vodka!» — Hunger Rebellion in Donbas Without Politics and Censorship

Vodka«We will poison vodka. We will make you fear to make a gulp of water» — this was an ultimatum, set by women residents of Chervonopartizansk to separatist militants stationed in their city. Right after that Denis Ponizovnyi, military governor of the city, announced that representatives of Sverdlovsk separatist militia refuse to obey his orders…

Both events are connected. Woman needs to take care of her children, man needs to take care of his family. But how can they do this when Russia sends trucks loaded with guns and ammunition instead of humanitarian aid to the region it occupied? Some food arrives after all, but in amounts which are gravely insufficient. For example, in Donetsk there are several reports when the amount of food rations was two, sometimes — three times less than needed. Same is true with regard to other cities of the region. People are angry and are waiting for the spark. Finally it happened…

Locals got tired of military action, artillery shootings by separatists in residential quarters and, most importantly — lack of any quality of living. Hunger deaths are becoming more frequent. According to our sources: 64 people died of hunger in Chervonopartizansk, Sverdlovsk Region. Rape of local women by separatist militants is also becoming more frequent. All this resulted into events, that happened during last week:

Chervonopartizansk — hunger rebellion. Local women gave militants one week to get food and supplies for the city.

Yenakijeve — women are raising money for food and medicines.

Makiivka — militants dispersed peaceful manifestation.

Torez — people on the streets are asking «authorities» for food (video).

At first these events seem to be sporadic. Yet we noticed certain consistency despite vast geography of the events. We discovered activists of Women Battalion of the People’s Wrath. As we understand, the brave women are driven not by politics, but by desire to stop the mayhem.

«We are sick of all abuse by DPR and LPR, — says the leader of organization. — We are trying to remind them that we are human beings whose opinion should be taken into account. Will they start shooting us? No. They are well aware that our husbands will stand for us, even those, who are fighting for them… We will continue to defend our rights.»

My source’s eyes have very hard glance. I have seen a lot, yet I feel uneasy. She is not an empty talker. So now the militants will have to take this new force into account. As the events in Slovyansk before the occupation was over demonstrate: militants are helpless against the wrath of the people…

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Russian / Separatist forces begin their attacks on Checkpoint 31

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces were forced to give up Checkpoint 32 along the Bakhmutka highway (the Luhansk-Lysychansk road) media sources are reporting increased military pressure from the Russian and Separatist forces on Checkpoint 31 which is north-west from Checkpoint 32 along the same road.



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News Report: A Russian commando group was eliminated near Telmanove leading to the deaths of both a Russian GRU General and a well-known terrorist from the area known as `Chechen’

A local news forum in Mariupol,, posted a report on the 13th October that the battalion group Dnepr-1 conducted a special operation on the nights of 8th to 9th of October. The report stated that this operation led to the death of a Russian Major-General Sergei Andreichenko, Andrei Borisov (known as Chechen) and two other Russian soldiers.
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Warning! Russian Terrorists Are Preparing Provocations in Donetsk

We have just received information that today, October 4, Russian terrorists in Donetsk are preparing a large scale provocation.

They are gathering a crowd of civilians in the city to celebrate “6 months of the DPR”. Along with this, right now three MRL BM-21 “Grad” are being deployed towards the city: there are two “Grads” in the Petrovskyi district near the children hospital and one “Grad” near the “Chelyuskintsiv” mine. Continue reading

Ukrainian Citizens in Kherson and Zaporizhia Work to Improve Defenses against a Russian Invasion

Kherson defenses (1)Citizens from the Oblasts (regions) of Kherson and Zaporizhia have been volunteering to build new defenses against an expected Russian invasion.

In the Kherson Oblast volunteers worked on building defenses around the Kakhovka Hydro-electric station, along the main electrical substations, and along the North Crimean Canal. Major Vladimir Kovalenko advised journalists that this infrastructure is considered a strategic installation. Continue reading

A Ukrainian soldier told that one of the hostages was beheaded by terrorists just because he refused to kneel

A Ukrainian soldier, who was kept as a hostage by the Russian-terrorists in the city of Donetsk, reported an act of horror related to the “Parade of Shame”. The soldier provided information on the execution of Ukrainian prisoners by Russian-terrorists.


Let’s remind readers that on Ukrainian Independence day the militants organized a demonstrative “parade of shame” that included Ukrainian hostages. Oleg Tsaryov a former people’s deputy and currently a speaker of the self-styled confederative “Union of Peoples Republics” parliament participated in this action. Continue reading

Pro-Russian Terrorists Are Planning to Shell Donetsk in the Russian Federation

According to operational information of the “Information Resistance” group, Russian terrorist forces are preparing armed provocations in order to disrupt the “truce” announced with the signing of the Minsk protocol.

In particular, according to “IR” data, the terrorists are planning to shell Donetsk (Russian Federation) using MLRS BM-21 “Grad” and then throw responsibility upon the Ukrainian military. Continue reading

Plan for Attacks of the Russians Leaked to Open Zello Channels

Zello Terror

On August 31, 2014 at 23:32 in “***Mariupol***” Zello channel a very strange message was overheard. The message was voiced by a robot from GruBat1 account. The message sounds like an action plan of the Russian troops for the next few days. Some of the actions announced in the plan are already being implemented. Similar messages were announced on several other Zello channels. We cannot rule out a possibility that this could be an element of psychological warfare by the Russians, but this could also be a warning about their plans. This warning could be spread by a person who knows the details of the plan but does not agree with the actions of aggressors. At any rate, we cannot ignore this message. Analyze it. Forewarned is forearmed. Continue reading

ATO Update: Operational Situation as at August 26, 2014, 07:00am


According to the ATO Press Center, for the past day the enemy lost 247 personnel, 2 tanks, 8 armored combat vehicles, 2 MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, 4 cars, 1 gun. The Armed Forces of Ukraine together with Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and National Guard of Ukraine perform tasks of search, disarmament and in case of resistance – elimination of illegally armed groups and diversionary and reconnaissance groups of the enemy in Rodakove. Continue reading