Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine: Summary for July 30, 2014


Donetsk Region: North and Western Donetsk and Horlivka

Starting on the evening of July 30 the ATO forces began an offensive on Avdiivka. By mid-day on the 31st the town has been liberated. However, fighting continues on the outskirts of the town. The release of Avdiivka opens the way for the Ukrainian forces to Yasynuvata and brings about the complete encirclement of the militia forces in Donetsk. It also provides an opportunity to finally cut all ways in and out of Horlivka. It is noted that the militant groups were trying to break out the cordon and escape from Horlivka. Already there were reports of the release of some areas of the city, but the information is not confirmed yet. In general terms, the initiative in the battle for Horlivka currently belongs to the ATO forces. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine: Summary for July 28, 2014

28 july

Last night pro-Russian terrorists fired at Debaltseve. Despite all shelling attempts militants were unable to fight the town back. The same is true for Popasna. There was a rumour about return of militants to Popasna. This misinformation was deliberately disseminated in separatist Zello channels and social networks. Besides, in the night there were unsuccessful attempts to attack Ukrainian forces in the area of Shakhtarsk. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 26, 2014

Summary 26

Accumulation of militant forces in the area of Snizhne we wrote about in our previous summaries has grown into a night attack on Marynivka. The attack failed although, as reported by our sources, the fight was pretty tough. In the evening it became known about an attempt to breach in the Starobesheve direction which resulted in the destruction of one of the checkpoints of the ATO forces. Besides, terrorists attacked in the Dolzhanskyi direction. Thus the militants are trying to regain control over the border checkpoints. That is why another attack is possible this night in the specified directions. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 25, 2014


Over the past day the disposition of the ATO forces remained without significant changes. Terrorists have continued blowing up road bridges to delay the advance of the Ukrainian forces. In this context, a military expert of the «Inform Napalm» group recommends the ATO sabotage groups to adopt the same tactic. Since bridges are destroyed anyway by the militants, it seems logical to preempt them. This way, it becomes possible to fragment the terrorist groups, which will make it much easier to handle them. In addition, with the adoption of this tactical move, the terrorists will be unable to evade the strikes of the ATO forces. This could help solve the problem of moving the Ukrainian reserve troops toward Lysychansk. Continue reading

Summary for July 23: Events in the International Sphere

July 23 was marked by progress in the fact-finding into the terrorist attack on the passenger aircraft Boeing 777 that was shot down by the Russian terrorists in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine. On July 22 the first reports came that the black boxes from the downed aircraft were handed over to Malaysian officials. Day later these reports have been confirmed and the recorders have continued their journey to the destination. The members of the expert group from the Dutch Security Council got them. Then they transported them to the city of Farnborough (United Kingdom), were the flight data recorder is to be analysed very soon. The British investigators promised to provide results of the decrypting in 24 hours after receipt of the black boxes. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 24, 2014

Briefly about the main theater of war in the East of Ukraine:

АТО. Сводка за 24.07.2014

In the morning the battle for Horlivka continued. The militants left Holmivskyi village. Another convoy of military equipment proceeded from Debaltseve to Horlivka today to strengthen the grouping of the terrorists. The accumulation of terrorist groups was noticed in Petrivske, where the militants draw up the forces from Snizhne and Krasnyi Luch. This indicates two possible options of the preparation of attack: either towards Lysychansk or towards Horlivka. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 21, 2014


ATO Progress

Today’s actions of the ATO forces were quite productive. In 04:40 a battle for Dzerzhynsk and Horlivka began. And at 16:00 Ukrainian flag was raised over Dzerzhynsk. Immediately after that the ATO forces advanced upon Novhorodske and that put terrorists into a difficult position. It is likely that the situation reminded Girkin of the story of the Maginot Line in WWII. To hole up behind embankment is not an option for terrorists anymore. Given that Ukrainian troops approximately at the same time liberated Myronivskyi outflanking the fortified area of terrorists, Horlivka got into encirclement. This successful maneuver will probably finish off Bezler’s (callsign – “Bes”) grouping. Not without reason did Bes start to tell about the U.S. and NATO tanks. It is this operation that should be described in the books on the history of war, not the battle of Kramatorsk media wrote about at military experts’ suggestion. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 20, 2014


ATO Progress

ATO forces continued development of successful offensive. They continue to advance upon Luhansk. However, they have not fully encircled the grouping of terrorists in Lysychansk yet.

Approximately at 12:00 columns of armored vehicles moving from Lysychansk to Popasna were observed. It should be noted that in the late afternoon large columns of militants moved from Popasna towards Pervomaisk. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 19, 2014


Last night militants tried to arrange a breakthrough from Dzerzhynsk towards Kostyantynivka. We predicted such an attempt in our previous summaries and it is very nice to see that ATO forces had read our forecast and increased their attentions to those areas. In the morning we got a message from them with words of gratitude and this means that our work was not in vain. Militants in that region failed to break through. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Daily Summary for July 16, 2014


ATO Progress

For the past day we observed rearrangement of terrorist attack forces in the border areas, namely in the direction of Rovenki-Sverdlovsk. According to reports of our competent sources from the front line, a part of the 72th and 95th brigades got into encirclement. At the same time official sources say that there is no encirclement anywhere. However, no one can deny that the servicemen are in a very difficult situation. Conduct of combat by those divisions is complicated by the fact that the enemy takes place at zero and inflicts fire blows. To avoid provocations, reprisal fire is not opened.

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Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 15, 2014

15julyThis morning terrorists performed an air strike on a residential building in Snezhnoye (Snizhne in Ukrainian transcription). According to our data, Snezhnoye serves as a base for up to 4 mechanized brigades (from Russia). Battalion tactical teams of Russian terrorists were formed based on these brigades. Snezhnoye was chosen as a base due to its favorable location. The city is located halfway between Donetsk and Luhansk and has a good road network. Additionally, Snezhnoye is not far from the Russian border. Local terrain allows to disguise significant forces. The build-up of large forces became possible because of diversion of attention towards Saur-Mogila area as well as Izvarino border post. Moreover first Russian armored convoys entered Ukraine back in May through the nearby Dyakovo border post. 
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Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 14, 2014

ATO Progress

The day of June 14 can be characterized with the paraphrased meme, “Those who do not panic are Moskals”. We are not inclined to underestimate the threat of invasion and the development of a full scale Russian aggression but the prospects of the invasion exactly tomorrow (June 15) make us smile.

Putin is not ready yet; the intrigue is not yet over.

In particular, our sources from Kantemirovka (Voronezh region) reported that other columns of Russian tanks and truck with troops without insignia (just like the troops that acted in Crimea) moved towards Chertkovo-Melovoye direction.

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