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Aug 11, 2019 · Sometimes, tender and swollen breasts is caused by lumps in the breast that are benign. These lumps can form during the process of lactation. . Women may experience swollen breasts when their breast ducts expand as a result of rapidly increasing levels of the hormone estrogen. Medline Plus states that on the 21st day before menstruation, a woman will also experience a significant increase in the hormone progesterone triggering the growth of milk glands.

A variety of things can cause breast swelling. The causes range from harmless to serious. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is one common cause of breast swelling. Before the start of each period, your estrogen production increases. Both kinds of pain are linked to hormonal imbalance. Swollen breasts are most likely to occur during menopause when the levels of hormones in the body fluctuate. Breast tenderness is also most commonly associated with fibrocystic changes in breast tissue that often occur during pregnancy, breast-feeding, or menopause.

Breast swelling is an enlargement due to elective cosmetic surgery. Postoperative breast infection (mastitis), breast abscess or allergic reactions may be possible and can cause further breast swelling with breast pain, tenderness or soreness. Breast Reduction. Breast swelling may occur due to inflammation of breast tissue. Aug 07, 2015 · You may also notice swollen lymph nodes in your armpit, or feel fatigued, ill, and/or run a temperature. Cause: Germs and bacteria can enter the breast from small cracks in the skin, especially around the nipple. They can also enter the breast through the nipple itself.Author: PJ Hamel.