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Lately she has mentioned that she would like me to grow breasts. I have been thinking that this is a step that I have to think about longer, but she has already purchased 9 months herbal pill supply from an internet website called transfemme. She wants me to have large breasts because it would make me look more realistic and she can play with them. Wants me to get breast implants "Sis and bro or step b and s where hey share a sofa and one accidentally starts cuddling wth the other and it escalates from there" Age: 22. Hey I'm here to have fun I am a married woman who is looking for some fun. Write me Whatsapp +77024977267.23%(703).

Dec 21, 2017 · [25M] Boyfriend Wants Me [25F] To Get Implants (self.relationship_advice) submitted 1 year ago by throaway32A. Hey. So, my boyfriend of 3 months approached me last night and told me that he wants me to get breast implants. I'm a 32A (practically flat chested) and have been dealing with insecurities about my chest for years. Apr 19, 2009 · Best Answer: my boyfriend says he loves my boobs (im a b too) but im sure if i got breast implants he would love them even more lol. dont get pressured into anything, if YOU want them, and it would make YOU feel good to have them then get them. dont do it Followers: 1.

Men who progress through this process usually decide to undergo male to female breast transformation by receiving breast implants. Other men who might desire breast implants might simply want to look like a woman for career aspirations, such as a female impersonator, or might just like the idea of . Oct 24, 2011 · If your boyfriend (or even your husband) asks you to get a breast augmentation, consider the reasons for his request. Is he mirroring what you’ve been saying, showing he supports your own wishes to be more curvy? Or does he want you to make a change just for him? It may be tempting to acquiesce and grant his wish. You want to please him.

Jan 25, 2016 · Whilst we live in a FLR, I do want to bring Alice along with me which I’ve managed to do so far. Remember she wouldn’t choose to live as a female full time, it’s me who wants a feminised Alice. I have spoken to her about having implants more than once and she really doesn’t want it (yet!). Nov 06, 2014 · My boyfriend wants me to get breast implants:/? So I have next to nothing boobs like they are smaller than an A cup and I told him they were my biggest insecurity. He said that they are fine but he would rather me get me implants bc his perfect size was a C. I told him that I would and I already have half of the money saved up.Status: Open.

Why Has My Wife Changed after Having Breast Implants? would have the massive fake look and she just shrugged it off and told me she had gone a size bigger because she didnt want to regret it afterwards.for the first few weeks, within the first three months even, she remained the same woman and our relationship was great.