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Ted Haggard says he is completely heterosexual. The Rev. Tim Ralph of Larkspur also said the four-man oversight board strongly urged Haggard to go into secular work instead of Christian ministry if Haggard and his wife follow through on plans to earn master’s degrees in psychology. Said the pastor overseeing Haggard’s progress: “He is completely heterosexual. That is something he discovered. It was the acting- out situations where things took place.

Jan 28, 2010 · Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual. Posted by Andy under Religion, Video [3] Comments For those of you who don’t know the classy guy in the photo above, that’s evangelical preacher ‘Pastor Ted’ Haggard. Feb 06, 2007 · One of four ministers who oversaw three weeks of intensive counseling for the Rev. Ted Haggard said the disgraced minister emerged convinced that he is "completely heterosexual.".

News Flash: Ted Haggard is Now Completely Heterosexual Steve Verdon · Tuesday, February 6, 2007 · 12 comments Yes, apparently Ted Haggard is now cured of being gay. In the wake of Ted Haggard's announcement that he's now "completely heterosexual", the NYT takes a look at the "ex-gay" movement, and just in case you're interested in attending one of them, lists.

Ted Haggard. In a July 2010 interview with CNN, he confirmed that he has "completely shunned away any homosexual feelings he has had in the past.". In the February 2011 issue of GQ, however, Haggard said that, "probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual.".Born: Ted Arthur Haggard, June 27, 1956 (age .