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I'm MTF transgender, and I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to relate what it's been like to acquire breasts, get a rack, grow some knockers. First off, what really surprised me about having breasts is how natural and downright normal it feels. Sure, I like them and having them was something. Aug 14, 2016 · Also you will have nerve growth along with breast tissue growth and nerves are wrapped in myelin sheaths- which are mainly made of cholesterol and fat. Not saying you need to have a cholesterol number of 560 g/dl, just that you should maybe discuss with your doc if you are on cholesterol lowering drugs like niacin or statins.

Jan 05, 2015 · [photo album linked at the end] tl;dr: You should try taking monthly pictures of your breasts. It really helps you see your progress. Also, fuck Facebook. My boobs really snuck up on me, but once they became obvious, they were boobs. Looking through the progress pics, I can see them slowly and steadily growing even though I didn't notice at the. While ultimately many transsexual woman will have breast implants, the first step is always female hormone treatment, using oestrogen and anti-androgens to enable the growth of breasts to their maximum natural size – although this is somewhat less than that of close female relatives.

Regarding applying cream to your breasts and expect them to grow, you may have some increase in size depending on how much estrogen gets absorbed through the skin. It doesn't have to be applied to your breasts though. I have seen a number of transgender individuals use . Jun 14, 2015 · Okay so breast growth. TL;DR Answer is starting 1-3 weeks in to about 18 to 36 months of growth. It is actually a subject there is not a lot of information on beyond anecdotal. I will try and give you some general information that comes from a.