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Nagor Warranty. Nagor Product Catalogue. Nagor is the only British manufacture of silicone breast implants with facilities situated in Ashby De La Zouche in central England and Cumbernauld Scotland, employing 125 highly skilled and dedicated people. Features of Nagor’s Breast Implants include: Barrier Layer: All Nagor breast implants are manufactured with high performance silicone elastomer layers to enhance shell integrity and have a unique 360° barrier layer to minimize gel diffusion. Texturing: Nagor’s unique Nagotex® silicone shell surface is designed to offer a disruptive contact surface for collagen interface.

Nagor breast implants come in teardrop or round shapes, are smooth or textured, and are made of silicone gel or saline. Their product lines include CoGel, IMPLEO, IMPLEO Smooth, GFX, and RGI. Each line comes in from 38 to 90 variations to provide a. Jul 31, 2018 · Nagor has 34 years of experience, and uses the highest quality medical grade silicone. Nagor is the premier breast implant manufacturer in the UK, and its silicone implants use industry standard, highly cohesive silicone gel. Use the links below to view the sizes and specifications of each breast implant type. Nagor Silicone ImplantsAuthor: Edoctors.

Nagor is the UK’s leading manufacturer of breast implants. Nagor breast implants are manufactured with long-term implantable medical grade silicone supplied from an ISO 9001 certified source. Mammary implants are CE-marked, Class III, medical device products which is the highest classification according to the EC Medical Device Directive (93. Founded in 1979, Nagor™ is the only British company dedicated to the specialist design, manufacture and supply of high quality breast implants and related medical devices. Nagor's commitment to quality is demonstrated by ongoing research and development with investment in manufacturing processes, supported by the most demanding quality control management.

Apr 14, 2017 · Which brand breast implants is better Mentor, Arion, or Nagor? Apr 14, 2017 however surgeons who are attuned to the developments in breast implants will note that Mentor has not innovated or launched a new implant in years. I Find out That Nagor Brand is a Leading Breast Implant in UK. So That Means Nagor is Better Compare with Mentol. Nagor and Eurosilicone implants are compliant with the following standards: ISO 10993 (Biological evaluation of medical devices), ISO 14630 (Non-active surgical implants — General requirements) and ISO 14607 (Non-active surgical implants — Mammary implants — Particular requirements). Both brands of breast implants are strong and durable.

Jan 11, 2019 · breast implant-associated ALCL is a distinct clinical entity, separate from other categories of ALCL2; ALCL, with the distinct features of breast implant-associated-ALCL (e.g., ALK-negative, CD30-positive, typical clinical course), has not been reported in the absence of an implant.