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Step 1, Cut duck breast into finger size strips cutting with the grain. Step 2, Roll each piece in a mixture of ten parts flour and one part each of sage, salt and pepper. Step 3, Brown in a skillet with one stick of butter, keeping heat very low and turning often. Step 4, When brown, remove from skillet and set aside. Step 5, Now add mushrooms, onions, and celery. In some parts of the country, the quickest way to stir up debate among duck hunters has nothing to do with duck hunting. It's gumbo. The debate arises when you ask a group of waterfowlers, "What's the best recipe for duck gumbo?" Chances are good that you'll get about as many different answers as.

Apr 28, 2002 · Stuff the cavity of each duck with the vegetable mustard mixture. Season each duck with garlic salt, black pepper, and red pepper. Place ducks breast side down in a roaster. Put a slice of bacon on the back of each duck. Pour in the entire bottle Worcestershire sauce. Cover and bake at 300 degrees for approximately 3 hours.5/5(2). Stuff the inside of cleaned jalapeno pepper with cream cheese. Season duck breast slices with cajun spice to taste. Place duck on cheese-filled jalapeno pepper and wrap with bacon and secure with toothpick. Cook over medium hot grill, turning frequently, until bacon is slightly crispy.

Feb 01, 2018 · Add chicken stock and let reduce by half, until sauce is sticky and rich, about 2 minutes. Remove sauce from heat and swirl in butter until melted and evenly incorporated. Season sauce with orange juice and zest, salt, and black pepper. Serve with duck breast.5/5(3). Bite-sized pieces of duck breast are marinated, then wrapped with bacon, and grilled for hearty appetizers. Use soy sauce for the marinade or track down Dale's Sauce, a savory, seasoning sauce with 11 spices. Adjust the recipe quantities for the amount of duck available.