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View our before and after gallery for breast augmentation and enlargement with implants from our Long Island and Manhattan, New York City practice. Our board certified Plastic Surgeons specialize in all aspects of breast surgery.4.7/5(99). “Beautiful, Natural, Long-Lasting.” These are the words that Dr. Neil Tanna believes in when performing aesthetic surgery, including cosmetic breast surgery. Our Long Island breast augmentation surgery increases the fullness and projection of your breasts to create a more aesthetically pleasing figure.4.9/5(347).

The two basic breast implant shapes are round and teardrop. Breasts differ greatly from woman to woman, so the ideal breast implant shape for each patient must be determined with care. Round Breast Implants. Of the two breast implant shapes, the round breast implant is the most common type used for breast augmentation.Location: 257 E Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station, 11746, NY. Breast augmentation surgery can help you achieve larger, firmer breasts. To find out if breast implants are right for you, call our West Islip office at (631) 661-2579 or .

Breast Reconstruction with Implants. Breast Implant Reconstruction - Long Island, New York. There are a number of approaches to implant-based breast reconstruction. In some cases, staged surgery is required, utilizing a temporary tissue expander placed at the time of mastectomy followed by an implant placed at a second operation. The skilled and experienced breast surgeons at Allure Plastic Surgery, serving Staten Island, Long Island and Manhattan New York, will take as much time as needed to determine which procedure will deliver the results you desire during your consultation. Find Out More About Breast Augmentation Here: Breast Augmentation Analysis.

Choosing Long Island Breast Augmentation Shape and Size Ultimately, the shape and size of your new breasts depends on the end result you desire. One thing to consider is whether you want saline or silicone implants. Many past Long Island breast augmentation patients have chosen silicone implants because they feel they are more realistic in feel. Breast Augmentation in Long Island, NY. Breast Augmentation or breast enlargement is a way of achieving a more proportionate figure. Many of Dr. Funt's patients say that before breast augmentation their clothes did not fit well and hung on them. Others lost breast volume after pregnancy. Their breasts may have also sagged.