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Jan 13, 2018 · Herbs that may be harmful to mom and/or baby. Other herbs should be avoided while nursing due to their potential for harming mom and/or baby. Here are a few herbs that are generally considered to be contraindicated for nursing mothers. This is by no means a complete list. Nov 02, 2000 · Breastfeeding mothers often seek 'natural' remedies, but sometimes those natural approaches can be harmful to themselves and their babies, according to one expert speaking at a special session on Author: Peggy Peck.

Herbs and Breastfeeding Herbs and Breastfeeding Safety. Most herbs are acceptable for use during breastfeeding, but a mother should be cautious about herbs that contain alkaloids. The nourishing qualities of these plants and herbs are amazing and have been used for centuries by breastfeeding mothers around the world. Table of Contents. Like the foods we eat and the medicines we take, some of the constituents in herbs are excreted in breast milk and are, therefore, ingested by a nursing baby. Some of the herbs on this list are included because they contain constituents that may be harmful to the mother or baby.

There are also several herbs that are actually harmful to the mother’s or the baby’s health while breastfeeding. For example, herbs like ginseng, ephedra, dong quai, buckthorn, kava-kava, wormwood, and others have been shown to cause damage to the health of the mother or her baby if they are taken while the mother is breastfeeding. Herbs to affect breast milk supply – sounds a bit risky, don’t you think? What goes into the milk, goes into the baby. There are definitely herbs that should be avoided while breastfeeding, but there are also herbs for breastfeeding that have documented effects on breast milk supply if used in the right amounts; both to increase and decrease milk supply.

ON TAKING HERBS WHILE BREASTFEEDING. by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon. Women who are breastfeeding are cautioned about taking certain drugs that might affect their infants. Questions then arise as to whether some herbs are also of concern in relation to breastfeeding. Herbal Teas During Breastfeeding and This is not only bad for you, it is also bad for your baby since whatever you consume gets absorbed in your body and transferred to your baby via your breastmilk. So avoid green tea during breastfeeding to protect yourself .

The lists below are not all-inclusive, but will provide a general guideline of some of the most commonly used western herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. When used in cooking, occasional use of the culinary herbs listed below is considered safe. Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy.