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Every woman who has had breast cancer wonders if it will come back. For some women it does, and for others it doesn't. When breast cancer comes back, it's called recurrence. Breast cancer can. What does breast cancer look like on a mammogram? Any area that does not look like normal tissue is a possible cause for concern. The radiologist will look for areas of white, high-density tissue Author: Claire Sissons.

Sep 25, 2017 · Knowing a breast cancer’s grade is important to figure out how fast it’s likely to grow and spread. What is a breast cancer’s grade? Cancer cells are given a grade when they are removed from the breast and checked under a microscope. The grade is based on how much the cancer cells look like Last Revised: September 25, 2017. Studies have shown that your risk for breast cancer is due to a combination of factors. The main factors that influence your risk include being a woman and getting older. Most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older. Some women will get breast cancer even without any other.