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Sep 16, 2015 · Hops, one of four central beer ingredients, contains a phytoestrogen that enhances breast size. VinePair examines this phenomenon. Of course, it really depends on how the beer in question was produced and what sort of beer it is. But overall, we’re going to go ahead and answer this question with “Drinking beer may help boost your breast size – if you stick to drinking only super hop-py IPAs and you drink a lot of them.

It is a tradition in parts of Europe that drinking beer increases breast size due to the hops which beer contains. This tradition has not been substantiated in modern times, but it remains a. Aug 11, 2009 · Beer has a lot of empty calories, so if you drink a lot without a balanced diet, you will gain weight. When women gain weight, their breast size tends to increase also. Of course, it's the margin of increase varies from one woman to another.Status: Open.

Your breast size is largely a matter of genetics. Increasing your calorie intake with healthy foods may increase the size of your breasts, but will likely cause you to gain weight all over the rest of your body too. Gaining weight only in the breasts, or any specific part of your body, is simply impossible. Jul 01, 2011 · How to Increase Breast Size. If you feel self-conscious about having small breasts, there's no need to worry. Whether you're looking for a temporary solution or a permanent surgical fix, there are a number of ways you can increase your 59%(32).

Beer contains small amounts of phytoestrogens, a naturally occurring compound found in some plants, such as hops that is similar to estrogen. Also, "hops are sometimes the ingredient in some natural supplements sold over the counter to increase cup sizes". No drinking beer will not increase your breast size. What it will do is increase your belly size. No drinking beer will not increase your breast size. What it will do is increase your belly size.

Aug 07, 2018 · Increase breast size is something that many women experience. The first and foremost reason for increase in breast size is gain in weight, since breasts are made up of fatty cells. Mostly, people tend to be ignorant about change in the size of the Author: Doctorndtv.