Russians Approached Ukrainin Radio Engineering Battalion

On March, 12 2 trucks “KAMAZ” with Russian military servicemen on board approached the radio engineering battalion of the Ukrainian Navy (Ai-Petri Mount, the Crimea). One of the trucks is now at the entrance to the Ukrainian unit. The other vehicle drove to the communication unit which belongs to the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

Russian Invaders began to Ache in the Crimea

About 120 Russian soldiers taking part in the occupation of Ukrainian Navy military units in the Crimea have got different infectious diseases, which reduce their combat capability. In order to mask the presence of the Russian military personnel in the Crimea, they are treated and getting medical aid on board of Russian ships.

Russians Blocked Ukrainian Military Unit with Weapon Arsenal

On March, 11 35 Russian soldiers (without any stripes, unmarked) armed with grenade launchers and 40 civilian separatists (“Narodna Samooborona”) surrounded the military unit A4068 of the Ukrainian Navy in Inkerman (Sevastopol). There are arsenal buildings and warehouses filled with weapons on the territory of the unit. The occupants acted aggressive, demanded the surrender of the base structure including all the weapons. Continue reading

Russia insist on holding outlaw referendum in Crimea

Dirty and deceitful propaganda in Sevastopol, Crimea For several days, on the streets of Sevastopol on buildings, fences and light poles propagandists paste up papers with the calls to come to a referendum and vote for the commitment to Putin. There is the only choice, offered in these «bulletins» — «for reunification of the Crimea with Russia.» The second option («the restoration of the Crimean Constitution of 1992») created exclusively for giving the illusion of choice. Continue reading

Our counter-evidences against war

ViberPC 05.03.2014 112237

Putin: the new Kyiv government has non-legitimate origin, does not ensure stability and safety of the citizens of Ukraine, particularly otherwise-minded. It is impossible to support such a government.

Our reply: Russia provides military support to non-legitimately formed separative administration of Crimea, which does not ensure stability and safety of the citizens under control, particularly otherwise-minded… Continue reading

Russia rotates the troops in Crimea

123The Russian military commandment has began rotation of its troops in order to avoid any «weaknesses» or loyalty towards Ukrainian troops in Crimea as well as potential assimilation with the local population.To start with, 400 troops, eight military vehicles KAMAZ and Ural have boarded a large Northern Fleet warship «Georgiy the Victorious» in Cossack’s bay, Sevastopol. Continue reading