ATO Update: Operational Situation in the East of Ukraine for July, 27 12:00 UTC

Дневная карта

Today is a final countdown for terrorists and their accomplices, namely the armed grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation which is located in the area of Torez and Snizhne.

The morning began with appearance of terrorist forces near Rovenky. The locals who did not believe that they had so many terrorists in the neighborhood were pretty much surprised by seeing the convoy of 16 tanks and armored personnel carriers moving towards the highway. At 8:30 a part of convoy was revealed; that part moved towards Diakove possibly going to breach towards the Russian Federation. The other part of the convoy appeared in Krasnyi Luch moving towards Snizhne and then towards Torez.

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere (for the terrorists) a couple of dozens of tanks of the ATO forces came.

Meanwhile the ATO forces continue the mopping-up in Debaltseve and have finally encircled Horlivka. For the terrorists this means “game over”, judging by their panic.

Recall that yesterday reinforcements arrived to Horlivka and this is why the question with it remains open (by 15:00).

The ATO forces continue to advance upon Shakhtarsk and Torez from the south. The terrorists did not expect them from that direction because they thought that they control the situation by constant shelling both from the north and the territory of the Russian Federation.