How to Tie a Monkey's Fist Knot: Step by Step Guide to Make Your Own - tying a monkey fist


tying a monkey fist -

Monkey's Fist Knot Tying Instructions. Take your rope and with the long working end make three wraps around the fingers of your hand. While holding the first set of turns in place, make three more turns passing outside the middle of the first three turns. Finish this step by passing the working end around one side of the first set of turns. A monkey’s fist keychain! Variations on the Monkey’s Fist. If you use a larger sphere as the innards of the monkey’s fist, such as a golf ball, you’ll need to use more than three loops for each direction. You can buy a jig or make your own. You can also use the monkey’s fist as the end of the rope.Author: Andrew.