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Matt gets punished in a way he didn't expect. A shy submissive faces her first spanking. David and Anna's relationship develops, as does their play. Dax submits to Mistress Elaine, fireworks ensue. The canings she craves ensure sexual surrender. and other exciting erotic at! Corporal Punishment by curtainsup She'd read stories about ass play before, and she'd always been curious, but she'd never been daring enough to touch herself that way. The ginger went in so easily, stretching her slightly, about the size of a finger. She moaned into the gag, her body tensing, her pussy throbbing and clenching like it.

After getting caught in bed with his best friend, as a punishment, Erik is sent off to a camp to be away from temptation. But his desires are too strong to ignore . CATEGORY: CHILDREN 137 stories totalling 2,867,255 bytes (about 485,956 words).

A fictional story of erotic spanking between two adults. A tgirl mistress uses a young man as her plaything. A college boy is disciplined by his master. A spy kidnap fantasy becomes frighteningly real. Victor suffers corporal punishment for lying to his wife. and other exciting erotic at! Similar searches real sister punished judicial whipping real spanking whipped women brutal punishment school paddling prison whipping judicial punishment whipping prison punishment strapping whipped toy forced in her ass resolved by corporal punishment spanking machine school spanking paddling mood pictures extreme whipping bdsm spanking sister.