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Many people wonder why Native American Indians don’t seem to have facial hair. In fact, their face is not the only place where they don’t have much hair growth. Native Americans have very sparse hair on the rest of their bodies as well. However, the common belief that Native Americans don’t have beards is absolutely wrong. They do have. Why Don't Native Americans Have Facial Hair? Although most Native American men do not sport a mustache or a full beard, this does not mean that they are unable to grow facial hair. Most Native American men prefer to keep their faces clean shaven, although men from several tribes in, for example, the Northwest, do wear mustaches and even full.

Feb 20, 2013 · Although typically Native Americans don't grow as much facial hair as Europeans, they are quite capable of growing facial hair. Here's some quick links from Pritzker.. Elijah Middlebrook Haines wrote in 1888: "Beard they consider a vulgarity, and use every means, upon signs of its appearance, to remove it.". There's many descriptions of Plains Indians responding to Europeans' foul body odor. You meant to say "Why did Native Americans not have facial hair?". The answer is that they did (and still do). First, watch Dances With Wolves very carefully and count the modern Native American.

Apr 28, 2008 · Best Answer: First of all I want to thank you for calling us for what we are "NATIVE AMERICANS" and not Indians yes i am a Native American and to answer your question the best that i can the reason Native Americans didn't have facial hair (the ones who lived 2000 years ago give or take) was in their DNA and some cultures are different.Followers: 9. Comment: SOTT can't confirm this story or the research it suggests took place, however, we have wondered on many occasions, what is the use of hair and why so many legends refer to hair as being a source of strength, from Samson, to Nazarenes, to the Long Haired Franks.

Mar 05, 2010 · random thought. nearly every native american male i've met, none had facial hair. not even 5 o' clock shadows. don't mean to offend anyone, just curious. Not all Native people have 'high cheekbones'. "Woo woo woo" (with hand over mouth) is Hollywood fantasy. Real Native people can't dive off a 500 ft cliff and live, like 'Poca-haunt-us'. "Me biggum Chief" is not a real American Indian dialect. There was really no such thing as a 'Chief'. Real American Indian spirituality is not 'magic'.

== == It really isn't up to YOU, as it is predetermined by your race and family traits. Orientals and American Indians don't usually have very much facial hair at all, while dark skinned. Jan 01, 2008 · I have been watching Westerns ever since I was a child and have never seen an Indian with a beard or mustache. Do they not have facial hair? Curtis Mitchell Pleasant Garden, North Carolina The Indians’ lack of body hair is attributed to their Asian ancestry. What little they had, they usually plucked. Some tribes [ ].