Spots on the penis - white spots on the head of my penis


white spots on the head of my penis - This is why white spots might appear on your penis - and when to really worry

What are these white spots on my penis? They’re called pearly penile papules (PPP), and despite their sudden appearance let us reassure you that they’re absolutely nothing to worry about. These tiny white spots can form in rows a bit like a string of pearls (hence the name) around the neck end of the penis (penis glands). Dec 12, 2017 · The common cause of white spots on the head of the penis is pearly penile papules. These are small and smooth bumps that show up on around the glans. These bumps may scare you but they are very harmless and they don’t require treatment. Apart from pearly penile papules, other factors can as well lead to white spots on the penile head.Author: Hannah.

Jun 17, 2010 · Question: White spots (not raised) on head of penis. They are white, if not off skin colored, and they are not raised above the skin, so they are not bumps, they are spots. They cause a little bit of irritation and haven't gone away for what I think is a month, or longer. There is no puss, ulcers or open sores. Mar 22, 2018 · Fordyce spots. Fordyce spots are small, yellow-white bumps that develop on various parts of the body. They are common on the lips or inside the cheek, but may also form around the head or shaft of the penis. Fordyce spots are oil glands that Author: Aaron Kandola.

For example, if they spots are mostly on the shaft of the penis and appear as numerous small white or yellow spots bumps under the skin, they may be Fordyce spot. Fordyce spots are simply prominent skin glands that show through due to the relative thinness of the skin on the shaft of the penis. They are completely normal and do not require treatment. Fordyce spots are small yellowish or white spots on the head or shaft of the penis. Fordyce spots are sebaceous glands (tiny glands found near the surface of your skin) without hair follicles. They can also appear on the inside of the cheeks or on the lips, and are present in 80 to 95% of adults.

Feb 14, 2011 · White patches on the penis are either a) fungal infection b) vitiligo (it's more common than you think) c) scarring/irritation from improper masturbation or d) slight possibility that it could be related to a form of cancer or STD, but most STD's don't involve white patches of de-pigmentation.