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Research consistently shows that feeding SmartLic supplements helps improve forage utilization, and that, combined with SmartLic’s low consumption rate results in lower feed . Welcome to Rio Nutrition. We're helping ranchers to run more efficient. How? We are enabling them to pull more out of the forages that they already have at hand such as their land base, grass and forages with the use of Riomax Lick Tubs.

Apr 15, 2015 · This kick starts the calf’s rumen and appetite. The licking action also creates more saliva, a natural buffer for the rumen. Studies indicate that when feedyard calves are exposed to these tubs fewer get sick. Plus, calves tend to have better mixed ration intake and feed efficiency. Premium feed supplements for beef cattle, dairy cows, horses, sheep, goats, elk, deer, llamas, alpacas, elephants and other livestock, in non-molasses lick blocks, top dressings and loose meal. and the 125 lb tub is the right amount for 4-5 horses.

We cleaned off a feed floor once I was ready to plant. This combination drained well and was – of course – well fertilized. Note: Make sure the tubs are positioned where you want them before you begin filling them – they are heavy once full. We filled each tub 2/3 full before we made our planting decisions. RioMax Lick Tubs -Don’t try them just because they're the lowest overall cost to feed. See first-hand how Rio Nutrition can make your ranch more profitable.