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Aug 27, 2010 · I saw my friends dick and kinda liked what i saw does this make me gay? in front of you and he particular as hell would not hug you like he does and he would not pass an inch close on your penis. sounds like he's at a loss for words and probably gay. sure, i think like he likes you. sounds like he needs you. i think of you would be basic Status: Open. I saw my brother masturbate but he doesn't know, what should i do? By Guest | 2 posts, I don't mind that he done it as i kinda liked seeing it, but i'm not sure if i should tell him i saw etc oh btw i'm 19 and he's 22 Ask him to please stay out of your room at that time of the night unless you liked what you saw. This is the line that.

May 29, 2010 · ok so i was on the couch, i was covered with a towel because later i was taking a bath, my mother passed besides me and stared, i saw that my penis was showing and she was looking, i felt an erection and she saw it, i didn't move, she gave me a smirk and walked away, i feel bad because she saw my erection and i kinda liked it, im 15 and she is 43, i dont know if i should talk to her about what Status: Open. May 09, 2019 · I had watched a male friend masturbate at 15, and that was the first time I saw an adult penis in real life. Then, right before my 16th birthday I made out with a 19 year old boy who whose family was visiting us. We were both in pajamas, kissing a.

The first time I saw a penis I was decently drunk and nervous. I honestly just grabbed it and put the thing in my mouth so I wouldn’t have to fake any enthusiasm by just looking at it. 29. The first time I saw a penis I was sitting at a window seat on the bus heading home from work. Headphones on, avoiding the weirdos on the bus, the usual. The first time I saw a guy ejaculate was the first time I saw a penis and the first time I gave a blowjob. So yeah I was surprised! Glad you liked it! Take it from me, a male, that I love to masturbate for girls. and watch the penis do its thing, though it is kinda weird, like a snake spitting/vomiting cream sauce lol. .