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Devices for penile retraction. These are a group of products for men who have a shortened or retracted penis, which is common in older men or those who have had treatment for Prostate cancer. When the penis retracts into the scrotum it can be difficult to use a conventional sheath or body-worn urinal. Penis retracting into body shannonwooten. My husband fell on his penis when he was younger while at a skating ring- he is now 20. Ever since then, he had a indention above his penis. Another symptom is that his penis retracts into his body when his adrenaline gets going. He would literally have to pull it out before it goes all the way in.

Hi, I googled penis retraction and found this thread, this started happening to me probably about 8 yrs ago. I am 51, While most of the time its just a neausance but it has stopped me from doing some things in life that i enjoy doing Did Dr.Lue have anything else to say about it? penile retraction. New Reply Follow New Topic. 2bthe1 over a year ago. I have recently had a problem with my penis retracting. I am very short anyway, about 2 inches, but when this happens, I'm not more than 3/4 in, and the penis seems to be stuck inside the skin. I am circumcized, and I have never had the slightest problem.

Feb 21, 2017 · A buried penis is when the shaft of the penis is partly or completely hidden by the bulk of the body. In other terms it looks as though the penis has retracted back into the pubic fat. It was Author: Emily Hodgkin. Jul 06, 2017 · The length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for various reasons. Usually, changes to penis size are smaller than an inch, however, and may be closer to 1/2 an inch or less. A Author: Daniel Pendick.

Jan 16, 2011 · Sakib, retraction of the penis is a common and normal phenomenon. It has more to do with body build than any disorder of the penis. It usually occurs in males who are overweight and have a large abdomen and thickened area of fat in the puerperal area (lower abdomen).Followers: 1. Buried penis is a condition that can affect boys and adult men. In this condition, the penis is of normal size but is hidden under the skin of the abdomen, thigh, or scrotum (sac beneath the penis that holds the testicles). What causes buried penis? There are a number of causes of buried penis. Buried or hidden penis can be present at birth or.