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53 rows · This is a list of Asian countries and dependent territories by population sorted by normalized demographic projections. Asian countries by population, 2018. Table. Rank Country (or dependent territory) July 1, 2015 projection % of Asia's population Average relative annual growth (%) Average(Sub-)continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, . 52 rows · List of countries (or dependencies) in Asia ranked by population, from the most .

54 rows · Oct 15, 2018 · Population, Sex ratio and Population density of Asian countries. Top five . Population of Countries in Asia 2018. These include Indonesia (266,794,980), Pakistan (200,813,818) and Japan (127,185,332), all of which are both geographically distant and culturally disparate, emphasising the sheer scale and diversity of the Asian continent.

Pos Country Population by 2018 - Asia: 4,026,330,415: 1 People's Republic of China: 1,370,793,000 2 India: 1,309,172,906 3 Indonesia: 237,774,520 4 Pakistan: 207,310,000. Apr 22, 2016 · Populations of Asian (APAC) Countries. Asia is the world’s most populous continent with nearly a third of the world’s people. Below is a table of the population for all of the countries typically considered part of the business region commonly called APAC. Australia 23,731,000 2.8 Bangladesh 156,594,962 1,033.50 British Indian Ocean Territory.

Apr 21, 2017 · This would have been more interesting if it measured population increase by percentage, rather than by sheer numbers. As it is, it's basically a list of the most populous countries in Asia, except Japan and Russia, each of which has a population decline that has been well-documented. Only Iraq took some thinking. Jul 11, 2019 · Asia Population 2018. Asia has the two most populous countries in its borders: China and India. China is currently the most populous country on earth with an estimated population in 2016 of 1,377,124,512. It accounts for 31.69% of Asia's total population and over 18% of .

Aug 15, 2018 · South Asia: Constituent Countries And Their Populations And Economies India. In South Asia, India is the largest and the most populous country with a population Pakistan. Pakistan is the second most populous country in South Asia and ranks the sixth in Bangladesh. Bangladesh population Author: Benjamin Elisha Sawe.