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Jan 17, 2018 · Today's Comic from Luann Read Now. Best Of The 11 Best Strips Starring Puddles The GoComics Team. January 17, 2018. Updated Today. You Might Also Like Wallace the Brave Will Henry. More from Luann. Best Of. Luann Time Machine Dangerous Dirk Frenemy Tiffany The Breakup That Left 'Luann' Readers In Disbelief Fabulous Desdemona High School Hell. Created by Greg Evans, Luann is a look into the dramatic and (most of all) hilarious life of one of the comic strip world's favorite teenagers.

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Luann is a syndicated newspaper comic strip launched by North America Syndicate on March 17, 1985. Luann is written and drawn by Greg Evans, who won the 2003 Reuben Award as Cartoonist of the Year. The strip is currently syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication.In 2012 Greg Evans' daughter Karen began co-authoring the strip. The strip takes place in an unnamed suburban setting and is mostly Author(s): Greg Evans (1985–present), Karen . Created in 1985 by Greg Evans, Luann is a comic strip about the life of Luann DeGroot, a typical high school student, with her trials and tribulations. She has typical parents, a lazy, annoying older brother named Brad, and her best friends Bernice and Delta.Her main rival is Tiffany the cheerleader, and the men in her life are nerdy Gunther and handsome Aaron Hill (and his Suspiciously.