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life cycle ofa asian elephant - Asian Elephant Elephas maximus - Life Stages (Literature Reports)

The life cycle of the elephant can be categorised into 3 main periods – the baby, the adolescent and the adult elephant. Like humans, each stage lasts for an extended period of time and very distinct developmental milestones characterise each level of maturity.Author: Amelia Meyer. Jul 03, 2015 · Asian elephants are used for a whole lot or maybe thousands of years to help folks into moving giant or serious objects, like trees. Female Asian elephants are usually able to breed by the time they’re ten years recent, plus provides birth to one Asian elephant calf once a .

The ADULT life-cycle briefly describes the great similarities between the adult elephant and the adult human, such as age-related illnesses. Taken together, these sections on the life-cycles will provide fascinating information on the elephant. This can only further validate what amazing beings they are! Life Cycle. Like all mammals, an elephant starts it's life inside its mother's womb. Like most large mammals, the elephant takes a long time to develop, requiring a long pregnancy or "gestation". But elephant gestation takes much longer than any other mammal, on land or in the sea.

MALE SEASONAL VARIATION: [For a discussion of musth see Asian Elephant Elephas maximus - Sexual Behaviour (Literature Reports)] LONGEVITY / MORTALITY: The potential life span of the Asian elephant in the wild is perhaps 65 years, although about 50 years may be usual. In captivity a lifespan of 75 or 80 years might be possible. The life cycle of an elephant is divided into three main phases: baby, adolescent and adult. Each part of the life cycle is characterized by distinctive phases of development, duties and behaviors. The baby phase of a elephant's life cycle can last from five years to a decade.