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Jan 09, 2015 · How to Make a Fist Extend all four fingers. Curl your fingers. Curl your bent fingers inward. Fold the thumb down. Press into the gap. Slowly squeeze the fist. Turn your wrist. Extend your fist out at a right angle. Squeeze the fist as you strike. Rely on your strong knuckles. Relax 91%(42). Apr 14, 2016 · ~*Because hands are free sex toys you already own*~. 11. The person who's just been fisted might end up feeling like their vagina just ran a marathon. After you've been fisted, Shakti says it's possible your vagina will get incredibly sensitive and you might even be a Occupation: Sex & Relationships Editor.

Apr 17, 2015 · TAILOR INSERTS HAND IN HER VAGINA (TOTO) AGONIES OF MANUEL KISS - Episode 4 (THE SEXY TAILOR) - Duration: 3:46. ManuelKissCoMedy 918,555 views. Learn how to fist so you can give her tons of pleasure and enjoy the wild ride of getting your whole hand inside your lover! The first step to fisting is mastering the art of using your hands .

The part of the fist that should be taking the impact is the flat area between the second and third knuckles. You want to keep your wrist straight while making impact there to maximize the force.Author: Jason Chen. Move the fist in a little deeper. At this point if the bottom starts to feel any severe pain it is time to stop! After the knuckles (the widest part of the hand) enter into the anal or vaginal cavity the rest of the hand will naturally pull in and the fist will curl. Wow! Take some time to (both) get used to the sensation. Experimentation time!

Jan 09, 2009 · If holding the fist horizontally, the thumb would be on the side. This adds extra support and allows me to strike with the knuckles of my thumbs. One of the most important things to remember with ANY strike is to stay loose until the moment of impact. Only then should you tighten up the fist, ridgehand, shuto, or whatever you're throwing.Status: Open. As you slide the fourth finger into her, hold your hand in place for a few moments, then slip your fingers further into her, keeping your knuckles facing down. Her pelvic bone won't appreciate your knuckles smacking against it as her muscles haven't become loose enough for them to stretch enough to keep your knuckles off her pelvic bone. 3.