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Small World’s domestic adoption program consists primarily of infant adoption and exists to serve all members of the adoption triad (child, biological parents, and adoptive parents). For biological parents facing an unplanned pregnancy, our services provide the peace of mind that comes from making a well informed and loving plan for their child and for [ ]. May 16, 2007 · Sorry to jump in but wanted to share my experience. I am an Irish American woman married to a Thai man. When we began our adoption journey three years ago, we contacted the large and reputable agency, which we ultimately contracted with, and were told that in their thousands of placements they had never placed a domestically born Asian child.

As a recognized leader in adoption services, we have assisted several thousand adoptive parents in building their families through domestic adoption. In addition, Beacon House Adoption Services provides continuous care for the needs of our birth mothers. Allowing our Domestic Adoption program to be successful for more than a quarter of a century. Domestic Adoption. We provide adoption programs for the adoption of infants and older children. For the adoption of an infant, we provide the Traditional Agency Adoption Program where both direct and indirect referrals are possible, as well as the adoption of children with special needs.

CHOICES is a domestic infant adoption program that is currently offered to families living in North Carolina. At CAS we are committed to making each adoption experience completely individual based on the preferences, wishes and needs of each adoptive family and birth family.