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Decoration is usually considered as an external of the drama. In China, however, it has so profoundly filtered into the dramatic spectacle through the national disposition to symbolism (in all the seductive fantasy of form and color to which the symbol lends itself) that decoration has become an essential, as well as a sentient, component of the classical theatre. Mask and costume for Tosakanth from Thailand, featured in From Nô to Mata Hari, an exhibition exploring the immense variety of costumes from Asian theatrical productions.

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Asian Theatre. Japanese Noh Theater. -costumes and make-up in kabuki are generally recognized by theater people to be the most lavish and extravagant in the world.-popularity of kabuki today is to a large degree due to its pictorial beauty. Theatre - Theatre - Developments in Asia: Although the emergence of Asian theatre was not simultaneous with that of ancient Greece and Rome, it merits discussion here rather than as an appendage to the history of Western drama. Indian theatre is often considered the oldest in Asia, having developed its dance and drama by the 8th century bc.

Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese drama that emerged at the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1868). Based on popular legends and characterized by striking costumes, stylized acting and the use of both male and female roles by male actors, Kabuki refers to a Author: Evelyne Politanoff. Nov 04, 2011 · Modern Noh Theatre: The traditonal Noh stage is an eighteen foot square platform. The audience sits in front of, and stage right of the deck. There is a bridge, the hashigakari, which leads from the dressing room to the right rear corner of the platform.A six to ten member chorus of singer-chanters is on the actors left and the four musicians, a flute and three drums, or located at the rear of.

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