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Flags of Asian countries. Looking at the national flags of the independent countries of this region you can clearly observe that the most of them have a dominance of the red color. Some have an absolutely red background, many are with the red strips, triangles or disks. . Flags of countries and information about states, which is located in the continent Asia. Flags of Asia countries Afghanistan. Capital Kabul Population 25,500,100 Total area 652,090 km 2 Armenia. Capital Yerevan Population 3,017,400 Total area 29,800 km 2 Azerbaijan. Capital Baku .

51 rows · Flag Date Use Description 2002– Flag of Afghanistan: The flag of Afghanistan, adopted in . Home Earth Continents Asia Flags Asia Flags ___ National Flags of Asia The National Flags of the Asian States. The national flag is a symbol or emblem of a country, and therefor it represents a country. Each country in the world has its own combination of colors, shapes and symbols, but conventionally almost all national flags are rectangular.

37 rows · List of Asian capitals. Because of the difference in economic development level of countries . Asian Country Flags. Afghanistan Flags. Armenia Flags. Azerbaijan Flags. Bahrain Flags. Bangladesh Flags. Bhutan Flags. Brunei Flags. Cambodia Flags. China Flags. Georgia Flags. Set of 20 Asian Flags. $100.00. Be the first to review this product. Add to .

Mar 27, 2018 · The list of Asian countries begins with Afghanistan and ends with Yemen, in total comprising 49 countries that the UN recognizes. The list of Asian capitals is equally as diverse, from Tokyo to Doha, Asian capitals span thousands of miles. Asia is the biggest continent in the entire world and is located primarily in the northern hemisphere with a good portion of it in the southern hemisphere.Author: Kate Broome. All flags of Asia. At you can find an overview of flags of all Asian countries. The countries of Asia can be sorted alphabetically on the name of the country, but also on population and size of the country. Each flag has a description and it is also indicated which colours are used and what the original proportion of the flag is.

Take a look at this cool visual representation of Asian countries and their flags. Take a look at this cool visual representation of Asian countries and their flags. Visit. Flags of Asian Countries - Asian Country Flags. Flags of Asia - Map showing all national flags of Asian Countries and Territories, click on Country Flags for more. Feb 13, 2017 · Asian countries and Their flags | Currencies Part 1 If you like Please hit Like,Share and Subscribe Thanks a lot.