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Chinese flutes come in various types. They include Transverse Flutes: Dizi (and its varieties such as the qudi and bangdi; primary transverse flutes, usually made of bamboo and distinctively has a buzzing membrane) Koudi (a small center-blown mouth flute with open-ends) Tuliang (a large center-blown flute . Eastern / Asian flutes. There are many traditional Asian flutes that are rarely heared in western society. Currently we provide the Khlui (Thai recorder), Dizi (Chinese transverse flute), Xiao (Chinese end-blown flute), Shakuhachi (Japanese end-blown flute), and Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute).

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The shakuhachi (尺八、しゃくはち, pronounced [ˌʃakʊˈhatʃi]) is a Japanese and Chinese longitudinal, end-blown bamboo-flute.. It was originally introduced from China into Japan in the 7th century and underwent a resurgence in the early Edo period (17th century). The oldest shakuhachi in Japan is currently stored in Shōsō-in, Nara.The shakuhachi is traditionally made of bamboo. Shakuhachi - the traditional Japanese bamboo flute. From here you can find quality instruments (beginner, student & professional models) along with complete information on the subject including: playing guides, flute craft manuals, books, sheet music, recordings, teachers, schools, organizations, ethnic bamboo flutes around the world and much.

Kickstart your next project with samples from Flutopia: Bamboo Flutes by Splice Originals. Browse, preview and download all 180 samples & loops, or download only the sounds you want. Start with a 14-day free trial, then just $7.99/month. Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin.The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC.