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These first two kinds of predators are called preferential; meaning that they have a distinct sexual preference for children. 3. The third kind is the situational sexual abuser. This abuser is one of opportunity. He or she enjoys having sex with adults and have sex . Oct 11, 2016 · There are two types of sexual predators—the power predator and the persuasion predator. 1 Both wreak great havoc in the lives of their victims. Both are problematic for police, parents, and the societies in which they live, and they have very different ways of accomplishing their evil ends.Author: Dr. Deepak Reju.

Dec 15, 2017 · Sexual predators have plenty of sexual experience but it is shallow. Sex is a control operation for them. They ordain the time and place of the encounter. Jan 25, 2019 · Women who have experienced sexual abuse as a child are perhaps more vulnerable to this type of grooming and will be re-traumatised as a result. 5. He ridicules her. A sexual predator will have no consideration for her thoughts and feelings, instead focusing on himself.

Types of Sexual Predator Behavior (This is not meant to be an inclusive list) Female sexual predators do rape/sexually abuse young boys – young girls – adult men – adult women. Male sexual predators do rape/sexually abuse young boys –young girls – adult men – adult women. There is . There are different types of sexual offenders, and each type varies in the victim of choice, the offenses and what the offender psychological gains from the offenses. Some of the different types of sexual offenders include rapists, pedophiles, child molesters and incest offenders.

• Precursor was the sexual psychopath law. • First passed in Michigan in 1937. • By 1976, 30 states had enacted sex offender commitment laws, also known as mentally disordered sex offender statutes, which allow for the indeterminate confinement of persons in secured residential treatment centers. In the broad sense of the word, sexual predators are people who commit sexual crimes. The term "predator," however, usually indicates a repeat offender who enjoys the feeling of "hunting down" his prey. Many sexual predators attack only a particular type of victim, such as children of a certain age, sex .