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rectal and vaginal bleeding angie631. hi, i went to my doctor 9 months ago with rectal bleeding, a stool sample was tested and he said it was ok, no treatment needed, for the last 6 weeks i have had a very uncomfortable feeling in my pelvis and today i woke up went to the toilet and wiped myself and there was blood on the toilet roll from my. Jan 11, 2018 · Rectal bleeding can refer to any blood that passes from your anus, although rectal bleeding is usually assumed to refer to bleeding from your lower colon or rectum. Your rectum makes up the last few inches of your large intestine. Rectal bleeding may show up as blood in your stool, on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.

Jan 11, 2018 · Rectal bleeding may occur for many reasons. Common causes of rectal bleeding include: Anal fissure (a small tear in the lining of the anal canal) Constipation; Hard stools; Hemorrhoids (swollen and inflamed veins in your anus or rectum) Less common causes of rectal bleeding include. Back pain and rectal bleeding can be caused by numerous medical conditions including anal fissures, hemorrhoids, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), polyps, diverticulitis, intestinal vascular issues and colon cancer. Some of the causes of rectal bleeding and back pain are benign such as rectal fissures.

Jan 17, 2018 · How to Stop Rectal Bleeding. While bleeding from the rectum or anus can be surprising and uncomfortable, it usually indicates a minor issue, like an anal fissure (tear) or hemorrhoids. It can also be a sign of a serious underlying 89%(9). Rectal Bleeding Definition and Facts. The rectum is the last portion of the large bowel that ends just before the anus. Bleeding from this area can be mild, serious, or even life threatening; the presence of rectal bleeding must be carefully checked because it may indicate something is wrong somewhere else in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Heavy vaginal bleeding or bleeding that occurs before 12 weeks may mean a serious problem, including an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Heavy vaginal bleeding or bleeding that occurs after 12 weeks also may mean a serious problem, such as placenta previa. Ovulation can cause mid-cycle bleeding. Painless Rectal Bleeding Symptoms, Causes & Common Questions. Understand your painless rectal bleeding symptoms, including 7 causes and common questions. This symptom can also be referred to as: painless bleeding when poopingAuthor: None, Buoy Medical Review Team.

Groups of people at highest risk for vaginal bleeding after menopause include age 60-74 years, sex == female and age 45-59 years. On the other hand, sex == male, age 5-14 years, age 1-4 years, and age.