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Aug 17, 2017 · Any change in the appearance of your penis can be cause for concern. Is it a skin condition? An infection or complication? A circulation problem? Author: James Roland. Mar 12, 2018 · A doctor explains why there are a number of reasons your penis could turn purple, including bruising, an allergic reaction, an STD, and more. Author: Marygrace Taylor.

Feb 15, 2017 · So here's the problem. I seem to have a purple 'ring' around the bottom of my penis head. I looked it up multiple times, and I can't find anything that . Feb 04, 2017 · Buy Nasstoys Double Penetrator Penis Ring, Purple on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders3.1/5(227).

I have smegma sometimes. there are red spoltches on my head but the base of the head now has a dark purple ring. There is no pain, only a mild sensation on the head near the red splotches. why is thier a dark ring around my penis? someon help me. By kevin9292 | 120 posts, last post normal im not gay or anything but i wrestle and we have to go in the showers and i never see anyone else with a brown ring on there penis no one at all! like how would a girl react to it if she see's it like even porn people's penises dont have no.

Dear Blue is my favorite color, not purple, Bruises and bumps are no fun, especially when they appear somewhere sensitive, like a penis. It's certainly possible that the purple mark you've noticed is a bruise, although bruising is not typically a symptom of HIV. Oct 23, 2009 · Hello,Had a look at the pictures and it seems absolutely normal.Blood vessels which show bulging could look like this.Fixed drug eruptions form coin shaped areas of bluish black pigment on the penis.Raised purple patches could be seen in kaposi tumor,in your case it is flush with the skin and nothing to do with the above.Hyperpigmentation after.

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