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About Odwalla, Our Roots & Our Commitments. Odwalla is a pioneer in the premium juice category. Started by three musicians in Santa Cruz in 1980, Odwalla grew from a backyard shed and a local following into a brand that crafts over 40 delicious products for everyone that loves to . Aug 20, 2012 · Which is better; Odwalla or Naked? I really enjoy both brands, and I am looking for a more healthier option that I can consume somewhere between two jobs plus college full-time. I am four months pregnant as well, and I am Followers: 1.

Nov 02, 2015 · I really enjoy Odwalla and Naked juices and make them work for my diet in the following ways: I only buy the varieties without added sugar (check for "organic evaporated cane juice" or whatever in the ingredients list). When I can track them down, I buy the mini sizes. Jan 19, 2013 · - Naked juice was found to contain fructooligosaccharides, fibersol-2 and inulin; three synthetic ingredients. - Both Naked and Odwalla juices are pasteurized, meaning most of the nutrients in them have already been destroyed before they ever reach store shelves.

Free for All Posted by NHopeful on 7 years ago I was wondering if I could use the Odwalla and Naked juices? I figured it is a hell of a lot better than eating what I usually do which is . Aug 25, 2010 · Odwalla and Naked Juice: Healthy and delicious, but pricey. Yet in that moment between errands, a dash in for essentials when you’re already late, or that 20-minute lunch break, suddenly the lure of convenience food becomes irresistible.

Sep 22, 2005 · Naked is better because, unlike Odwalla, it has never pushed rotten/contaminated juice on the public in the name of corporate greed. The juices themselves are essentially identical. Jun 27, 2012 · With a parent company like Coca-Cola, are Odwalla juices as healthy and natural as they claim? The story of Odwalla is that of your classic lemonade .

Jun 21, 2016 · A Ranking of Bottled Smoothies, Strictly By Nutritional Content If they can even call themselves smoothies. Naked Juice Smoothie. so drinking them can actually help you look good naked. 4. Odwalla 100% Juice Smoothie.Author: Angelia Heimsoth. History Origin. Odwalla was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in 1980 by Greg Steltenpohl, Gerry Percy, and Bonnie Bassett. Odwalla's production facility is in Dinuba, California.The trio took the idea of selling fruit juices from a business guidebook, and they began by squeezing orange juice with a secondhand juicer in a shed in Steltenpohl's backyard.Founded: Santa Cruz, California, United States (1980).