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Nine exceptionally bright "Great Comets" have been visible to the naked eye over the past 300+ years. Now astronomers are hoping for one more, with the recent discovery of Comet ISON, which should Author: Joe Rao. The comet had faded from naked-eye visibility by the end of September, and by the end of October was too near the sun for further observation. It was recovered at the end of January 1958, and continued under observation until 1958 July 9, when it was photographed at Author: J.G. Porter.

May 11, 2017 · In December 2018, the comet will approach the Earth at a distance of 11.5 million km. The most interesting thing is that at this time in a dark clear sky it can be seen with the naked eye. “The 46P has a small core, but it is also known as a” hyperactive “comet,” says astronomer Tony Farham of the University of Maryland in the United. Apr 12, 2018 · Video images captured Comet Pan-STARRS zipping across the sky, clearly visible to the naked eye. The Top Ten Comets of All Time. Original Music (C) 2017 A Great Comet is comet .

Naked-Eye Observing - "Naked Eye" Comets: Comets are icy dust balls that orbit the Sun in highly parabolic orbits.It is believed they originate from the Oort cloud, a large spherical shell of residual solar system debris that orbits the Sun at a large distance from the Sun. Discovered in 1959, Comet Burnham (1959 Y1) just became a naked eye object in 1960 April and was notable for its very long and narrow plasma tail. A new comet of 8 th magnitude was discovered on December 26 by M P Candy while testing an eyepiece with a 0.13-m comet-seeker. Comet Candy (1960 Y1) was in Cepheus but moved quickly southwards and faded.