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FDLE has also established the following toll-free number for public access to FDLE's Missing Persons and Offender Registration: 1-888-FL-PREDATOR (1-888-357-7332). By contacting FDLE at this number, the public can request information about Sexual Offenders living in . A sexual predator who was designated a sexual predator by a court on or after October 1, 1998, who has been lawfully released from confinement, supervision, or sanction, whichever is later, for at least 20 years, and who has not been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor offense since release may petition the criminal division of the circuit.

The Florida Offender Alert System is a free service provided through a partnership between the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Sheriffs Association, and the Florida Police Chiefs Association. With it, you can subscribe for an e-mail alert in the event that an offender or predator moves close to any address in Florida you. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has developed an online course entitled “Juvenile Sexual Offender Investigations” that can be taken via this website. The successful completion of this course will satisfy the mandatory retraining requirements for Rule 11B .

Jul 01, 2014 · FDLE’s Sexual Predator & Sexual Offender Registry Protecting our Children and Adults from Sexual Predators Act CS/SB 524: Sexually Violent Predators Effective 7/1/2014 FDLE’s Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender Registry: Students and employees should regularly visit the public registry to review it for individuals who may have prior criminal records and sex offenses. "The Florida Sexual Predators Act," Ch. 93-277, Laws of Florida, addresses the problem of sexual predators by requiring their registration and the maintenance of the registration by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for access by law enforcement.[1] The criteria used for determining who will be registered is as follows.

Sep 26, 2005 · FDLE Sexual Predator / Offender Link Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Sexual Predator / Offender Website Lantana Sexual Predator/Offender Ordinance No. O-08-05 passed September 26, 2005 Town of Lantana, 500 Greynolds Circle, Lantana, FL 33462, (561) 540-5000. Sexual offenders and predators living in Miami-Dade County will be required to complete the registration process at the Special Victims Bureau. Registered sex offenders and predators must report all email addresses, internet identifiers, phone numbers and employment addresses to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

FDLE will make certain information on Florida sexual predators and sexual offenders readily available to the public by posting the predators/offenders registration information and their photographs on the internet, maintaining a toll-free telephone line for the public to use to inquire whether an individual is a sexual predator or sexual. Just in time for Halloween, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement launches a new mobile app making it easy for citizens to see where sexual offenders have registered a residential.