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Jul 08, 2015 · Let’s face it, most dogs misbehave from time to time. While it may be tempting to correct the bad behavior with a spank, you should never discipline your dog physically. Spanking is confusing to your dog, may cause your dog to become hand-shy or fearful of you, and most importantly, doesn’t teach him the desired behavior. If your dog is misbehaving, what is a better method of correcting him? A dog learns nothing from being struck, and all that you are achieving is a venting of YOUR frustration and anger. If you get in the habit of hitting, your dog will shy away every time you raise your hand. He may also respond by snapping at you. He will see this as his only course of action. He has no other way to ask you to stop.

Feb 27, 2018 · To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact [email protected] Credit: Daniel Bruce via Storyful Original video: https:/www.facebook.c. The movement grew more intense and David closed his eyes and tried to escape the feeling of the dog's knot - his friend's knot - swelling up inside his ass - tying to their bodies and making them one. The doctor stroked David's sweaty forehead with compassion and watched with delight as the boy's fate was finally sealed with an act of intercourse.

Nov 17, 2010 · I know the idea right now at the word spank to is to bark "Animal cruelty!" but really when I think of animal cruelty i think of beating the dog constantly for no reason and starving them etc. Alot of books say to give a stern "No!" every time the dog acts up, but iv noticed some dogs have learned to ignore the no if they learn there isn't going to be any kind of consequence.Followers: 2. Free Gay Zoo Stories. Initiated by Baxter – Will lives alone with his recently adopted dog, Baxter. After a day of work, he lets his horny dog have his way with his body, enjoying every second of it, and gets curious about how to properly get fucked by a dog. By adrianmaroon765.