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About Black Salty Baitfish. From West Coast to East Coast, from lakes to rivers, Black Salty has proven itself in freshwater and saltwater across the nation.Inshore or outshore, there's a reason Black Salty has earned the nickname of "The Ultimate Live Bait". No more leaving home early to buy live bait. No more long waits in long lines only to learn supplies have sold out. Dec 28, 2008 · Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports; Anyone try the Black Salty Baitfish?? Similar Threads. What happens when you mess with an old salty dawg! bait stands austin,tx black saltys, black salties for striper, black salty, black salty bait in texas, black salty bait texas, black salty baitfish.

Feb 12, 2014 · Striped Bass - General Discussion and Reports. Reports. Striper Fishing How-To's. Came across some information about "Black Salty" minnows. I guess these are farm raised minnows that are supposedly the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone ever hear of these? HokieChad can tell you a lot about the Black Salties.. he bought some a. The black sea bass (Centropristis striata) is an exclusively marine grouper found more commonly in northern than in southern ranges.. It inhabits the coasts from Maine to northeast Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.The three large biomass populations of black sea bass are the mid-Atlantic stock, from Cape Cod in Massachusetts to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, the South Atlantic stock Family: Serranidae.

Jan 12, 2008 · Up front, I should say I work with I.F. Anderson Farms, producers of the Black Salty baitfish, to test and promote the Salty. That established, I've been field-testing the Black Salty in saltwater and freshwater for over four years, and overall, have enjoyed outstanding results on everything from striped bass to red snapper. Striped bass have a small, but dedicated following among Arkansas anglers, and anyone who has hooked into one knows why. In addition to their large size, stripers are some of the hardest fighting fish in The Natural State.