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VHF UHF BAND CHARACTERISTICS WHAT TO EXPECT FROM EACH BAND VHF 50-54 MHz. Also known as 6 Meters or The Magic Band. Good VHF ground wave coverage up to several hundred miles on SSB. 1200 miles or more on openings such as Sporadic-E, F2 layer skip, meteor scatter, aurora, inversions and some EME (E arth M oon E arth). Operators have worked the. Jul 24, 2019 · Phone patch, autopatch and HF/VHF/UHF operating guidelines “Considerate Operator’s Frequency Guide” 2200 and 600 – meter bands. General, Advanced and Amateur Extra class licensees are authorized to use these Amateur Bands.

Apr 07, 2016 · To answer the question about Ham Radio, or Amateur Radio; with a Ham Radio license you can use the same frequency ranges, and more in the VHF/UHF bands, and more bands for better distance. You also have the ability to transmit data. You could theoretically transmit vehicle diagnostics and such to a base station. Mar 13, 2014 · Reference for VHF/UHF amateur radio FM simplex frequencies for 6 Meter / 2 Meter / 1.25 meter / 70cm I've compiled some suggested channels and frequencies to use on these bands. Try something new, these frequencies should be stored in every HT or mobile. I enjoy messing around with VHF/UHF radios but repeaters usually bore me.

VHF/ UHF Bands: RTTY, Digital, Packet, Weak Signal, EME Moon Bounce, CW, SSB & FM calling frequencies, Simplex, Repeater and Satellite Sub-bands, Propagation Beacons and ATV. Combines a Band Plan with useful operating information Simplifies navigation of the ham bands Locates popular operating modes 6 laminated pages, Spiral bound. Read more about VHF ham radio bands. UHF ham radio bands: The UHF amateur radio bands provide a unique opportunity for many contacts to be made. In general contacts tend to be over distances of 30 miles or more, but on occasions signals may travel over much greater distances. Read more about UHF ham radio bands.

Common VHF/UHF FM Simplex Frequencies BY N4UJW. Simplex Operation and Frequencies for U.S. ham bands above 50Mhz. This article will give you the suggested and recommended simplex frequencies that are set aside for simplex operation and should help you understand how to operate simplex on the upper ham bands. Other bands are national or regional allocations only due to differing allocations for other services, especially in the VHF and UHF parts of the radio spectrum. Citizens' band and personal radio services. Citizens' band radio is allocated in many countries, using channelized radios in the upper HF part of the spectrum (around 27 MHz). It is.