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Accelerated Christian Education, Inc. 1 Reading Programs Kindergarten with Ace and Christi This 10-DVD and study guide course is geared for adult thinking at an adult maturity level. Lessons are short and fast-paced, designed so that the non-English-speaking student can complete it in 6–12 months. Scope and sequence in education provide a structure for learning by helping educators present the learning material in a logical order. This supports student learning, and it maximizes further learning opportunities for both students and faculty.

Jump To: Course Descriptions, Scope and Sequence, Resources Printable Course Pages These are the levels, individual courses and program year pages as PDFs. People have different reasons for wanting these. Just a reminder, while most of the lessons will remain the same, the lessons are fluid. I make corrections, I change assignments, and especially links can. The Purpose and Scope of Christian Education Education, as defined by American scholar and biblical thinker Noah Webster, “comprehends all • The scope and the sequence of any subject are established both within each grade level, as well as between all the grade levels in .

View the scope and sequence of lessons for Answers Bible Curriculum, the whole-Bible chronological Sunday school for all ages. Each Scope and Sequence document is designed for a specific school year and reflects the number of available instructional days for that year and grading period. Information in a Scope and Sequence document mirrors selected information in the corresponding Planning Guide used by teachers for a particular course/grade-level.

Classic Adult is a traditional Sunday school resource packed with King James Bible-based lessons, Pentecostal foundations, evangelical emphasis, and comprehensive Scripture coverage. Designed for adults of all ages and backgrounds, this scope-and-sequence curriculum has been setting the standard in adult Christian education for decades. A.C.E. is assisting pastors, school principals, teachers, and homeschool parents in more than 140 countries worldwide with a Bible-based Christian K-12 curriculum.

DIG IN Sunday school curriculum is digital Sunday school curriculum for preschool to 6th grade. DIG IN allows you to choose Sunday school lesson activities that fit .