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Jun 05, 2008 · Answers. Best Answer: Because vaginas are dark, warm, and moist, and penises are not. The vaginal environment is much more welcoming to yeast and bacteria which also happen to like sugar. Thus, if you put sugar on your vagina, you'll be more likely to get an infection.Followers: 2. High blood sugar and Itching skin and Penis symptoms and Abnormal blood test symptoms (2 causes) High blood sugar and Itching skin and Penis symptoms and Acanthosis nigricans (2 causes) High blood sugar and Itching skin and Penis symptoms and Aches (2 causes).

Scientists have discovered a new risk factor for heart disease: sugar consumption. We're all familiar with other cardiovascular risk factors that include saturated fat/cholesterol, low HDL, triglycerides and so on and, as I have shown, the Penis and the Heart are intimately linked. If you injure the lining of your arteries and coat it with calcifying plaque, you can expect your erectile strength to go down accordingly. The more sugar you eat, the higher your blood-glucose level will be, which triggers the release of the hormone insulin making your body store fat. Eating a high quantity of sugar in one sitting causes your body to remain in the fat accumulation mode for longer periods. It's not always easy to detect foods that contain added sugars.

Dec 15, 2000 · Granulated sugar is generously spread on the surface of the edematous prepuce and glans.Cited by: 31. It can ruin your smile. Uncontrolled high blood sugar is your kisser’s enemy. Sugar in your saliva feeds bacteria in your mouth, leaving a sticky plaque on your teeth. Some types of plaque lead to tooth decay, while others stink up your breath. Over time, blood sugar gone wild Author: Karen Pallarito.

Jan 01, 2019 · Blood sugar that stays too high for too long can both deaden your nerves and damage the arteries that feed your penis. You can still get aroused, but Author: Anne Pappert And Chris Woolston, M.S. The sugar works as a hyperosmotic agent, “pulling out” fluid from the tissues to help to reduce the swelling and shrink the penis. Wrap up a bag of frozen peas in a light towel and place over the area for 5 minutes at a time, which also helps to reduce swelling of the tissues.

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