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responsibilities of a adult learner -

10 Characteristics of Adults as Learners The following information was taken from course content written by Dr. Gary Kuhne for Adults tend to be self-directed in their lives, although responsibilities with jobs, families, and other organizations can remove a degree of their freedom to act. encourage the adult learner to explore yet more. Apr 22, 2011 · Additionally, since adult learners most likely have intrinsic financial commitment, this serves to increase the level of responsibility. Adult learners are well equipped to take on the challenge of higher education. It takes a school that is attune to the characteristics of adult learners to best provide a successful adult degree completion.

Adult learners are known by a wide variety of names — including non-traditional students, adult students, returning adults, adult returners, mature learners and many more — and they have an even wider variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, abilities, responsibilities and experiences. Multiple Roles of Adult Learners Ellen E. Fairchild As readers will find in other chapters of this volume, adult, or nontradi-tional, students compose one of the fastest growing segments of higher edu-cation’s student populations. Adult learners’ palette of life experience is.

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