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If you have peanut allergy, that doesn’t have to mean you are more likely to have a problem with other nuts or legumes. Peanuts grow underground and are different from almonds, cashews, walnuts and other tree nuts. Recent studies found that 25% to 40% of people who have peanut allergy are allergic to . Peanut allergy sufferers can be divided into two groups: early and late onset. The first group typically experienced the first reaction in childhood, at a median age of three years, while the second typically experienced the first reaction in adulthood, at a median age of 25 years.

Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies in both children and adults. It receives particular attention because it is relatively common, typically lifelong, and can cause severe allergic reactions. Peanut allergy is the leading cause of anaphylaxis and death due to food allergy.4.3/5(3). After shellfish, the most common adult allergens were tree nuts, fish, soy and peanut. Even milk and egg allergies, typically associated with childhood, are popping up in adults. Aside from the prevalence, the bigger question of how adults can become anaphylactic to foods they’ve tolerated their whole lives remains unanswered.