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Adult Ice Breaker Games for Meetings. Yes, I Have Done That! Make a list of 25 or more icebreaker questions for adults with lines after each for a signature and pass it out to everyone. You need to have at least one question for each person. Adults circulate, asking questions until they find someone who can answer, “Yes, I have done that!”. May 17, 2019 · The Five of Anything Ice Breaker: You can use any number for this fun icebreaker that quickly allows participants to share interests.Make the interests germane to your session or let your participants learn more about each other. This icebreaker is easily customized to your meeting's needs.

Quick Icebreakers for Multiple Day Activities Something New. On the second day of an activity, ask each person to share one thing they learned about someone in the group during the previous session/day. Have the rest of the group try and guess the person described. The Morning After. Resources / Groups & Clubs / 25 Icebreaker Activities for Adults You’re in charge of getting a bunch of adults to break the ice — and just the thought makes you break a sweat. Let’s face it: Adults aren’t always great at making friends with each other.

www.insight.typepad.co.uk 40 Icebreakers for Small Groups 1 ‘40 Icebreakers for Small Groups’ is a FREE eBook compiled from several articles posted on my blog Insight. These posts continue to be popular, so I thought it might be helpful to put them. Jan 11, 2017 · 25 Awesome Icebreakers for Adults (Ideas and Games) January 11, 2017 by mycoolteam. When unfamiliar people meet, there is always an invisible psychological “ice” between them. When it’s your boss, the “ice” is the difference in status, when new people meet for the first time, ‘shyness’ is often the ‘ice’. Author: Mycoolteam.