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At Sex Toy Distributing, we focus on supporting adult novelty retailers. We carry many of the industry’s top selling sex toys and are in constant communication with our retailers to stock top sellers that make up 80% of their profits. It is also our goal to offer you the best possible wholesale prices. In 2007, U.S. safety officials didn’t recall Aqua Dots until 4.2 million were on store shelves, according to a CNN report. Reports of children getting sick after swallowing the Dots began surfacing.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Learn more. Your Naughty Life. Nov 6. how to become a sex toy tester or reviewer. From a world famous manufacturer? this is legit, im looking for sex/adult toys reviewers in exchange for their honest reviews. YOU, YES YOU, will get PAID for shopping on market place stores like walmart, jet, sears, ebay, etc to buy product, test them, and leave a.

Jun 13, 2008 · Best Answer: To be honest, it sounds like you want to become a store owner rather than a 'distributor' (the companys that actually supply the stores) THAT is a whole different thing and a major effort. I own a online shop, and I can help you in that arena: Start off by doing some research for companys that offer turn-key adult stores.Followers: 3. Kathleen Howden is one of the lucky women who get to call themselves a sex toy tester. Working for an adult retailing giant, she tests out at least two products a week for her employer. After she’s done that, she posts reviews of the toys online.

Adult romance party, sex toy party, girls night out, couples, co-ed, & more. Become a consultant or host a party & get your wish list FREE. Book Yours Today! Wholesale and Drop Ship 100,000+ sex toys, adult products, lingerie and vide. adult sex toys products shipped discretely quickly at low prices. If you're a marketplace reseller on Amazon or eBay, use our dropship program to ship orders directly to your customers and only be billed at wholesale prices.

Why should we be your Adult Wholesale Distributor? Discounts Below Wholesale Pricing! After Hours Support, including weekends! All orders over $125 automatically qualify for a volume discount. No promo code required. Call, email, or use our chat if you need to get in touch with us up until 10PM EST. Nalpac has been a trusted wholesale distribution source in the Adult Toy and Gift Market for 40 years. We are a full-line distributor that supports brick & mortar stores, internet businesses, home party professionals, adult bookstores, eBay retailers, and lingerie boutiques.