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Being able to get the protection needed without wearing a big bulky, obvious adult diaper can seem overwhelming. The CareGiver Partnership offers these five tips for hiding adult diapers so that you can enjoy daily living without fear of potential embarrassment: Choose low profile products. Learn more about how you can hide your diapers under your pants so you don't have to face any uncomfortable questions or awkward situations. Choose pants that are 1 size larger than you usually wear. This way your pants wont bulge from being too tight with the diaper underneath.

Wearing the Right Outfits. Many people think that because they need to wear an adult diaper, they have to give up their jeans, but this isn’t the case. Some jeans leave enough room in the crotch for briefs and other products to comfortably fit without wearing a bulge. You can also wear higher waisted jeans or a pair that’s one size up. Unfortunately, 40% of women with UI find that it gets in the way of living their life. Thus, in order to manage the effects of incontinence, while maintaining dignity and discretion, women and men alike need to be able to hide adult diapers. Just because you have to wear .

Sep 03, 2009 · Thank-you everyone for your input. I am a girl by the way, and I think tights and whatnot would help a lot. I also wear a diaper cover to mask the urine odor and hide the crinkle noise. I think sweatpants would be a really good way to hide the bulge as well. Oh, and the onesie idea is great. I should order one! There are many upsides to rocking an adult diaper in this situation. First off, the extra padding from the diaper adds some shape to your ass, so you’ll look better in whatever outfit that you’re wearing. This is especially helpful if you’ve been skipping leg day.

How To Wear Diapers. 1: Own It. Very few adult diapers are scented and some do not offer the best odor control. A good way to smell better is big surprise, to wear diapers the way a baby would. Use baby lotion and diaper rash cream when needed. Body hair is a great place for odor causing bacteria to hide. A weekly shave with an electric.