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Adult Day Treatment and Group Therapy. Adult Day Treatment takes place in groups of 8 to 16 people for 3 1/2 hours, meeting 3 to 5 times per week. Depending on the type of treatment, progress and insurance, treatment duration ranges from 12 to 20 weeks. Most Adult Day Treatment graduates transition into aftercare groups for a minimum of 4 months. Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in a Day Program Setting Using Activity Schedules by Julia A. Hermansen, Master of Science Utah State University, Major Professor: Dr. Thomas Higbee Department: Special Education and Rehabilitation Research suggests teaching adults and .

Some of them will only be appropriate or effective in specific groups or situations, but some will be useful for all types of groups. The best discussion topics will depend on the focus of the group, the stage of treatment, and the type of session. 7 Group Therapy Ice Breakers and Activities for Adults. Intensive, short term, day program providing group therapy treatment for adults with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. The program operates Monday–Friday 8:30am to 2:30pm. Participants attend full or half day, three to five days per week.

Hacienda operates a Day Treatment & Training for Adults (DTA) program in Phoenix for adults of all ages with developmental disabilities. Our day program . Day Treatment and Training for Adults Our Day Treatment and Training Center is for Adults with special needs to come enjoy their time with us and their friends. They will have a great time learning new skills and improving on their current ones.