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When it comes to a woman's body (or the workings of her brain), most men are quite confused. But hey! We don't blame you, for we women are complex creatures. And because of this complexity, most Author: Shalin Jacob. May 05, 2014 · There's a classic episode of Friends in which Monica explains to Chandler that there are seven female erogenous zones. Each zone has a corresponding number, and Author: Mallory Schlossberg.

Oct 25, 2016 · Well, Its not clearely shown in the Series as to which are the actual 7 erogenous zones according to Monica. I think they are these; 1. Lips 2. Ears 3. Neck 4. Breast 5. Butt (Where Chandler says, “um, That one?” Monica, “Kind off an IMP one” Chan. The Erogenous Zones on the Female Body According to Monica Geller. Image courtesy @asifahsankhan / Warner Bros. Entertainment / NBC When Chandler is insecure about his skills in bed, Monica teaches him a surefire way to please any woman. We all kn.