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Come to learn French with École Québec Monde right in the heart of Quebec City. Our French courses in Quebec City will allow you to learn French and discover our great capital at the same time. A enjoyable French immersion experience. The summer French immersion courses for teenagers have been offered every summer since 2006. Through this summer camp, hundreds of teenagers live and learn French in Quebec City. This highly international program welcomes students from over 25 countries. It combines French classes with enriching cultural activities.

Spend the summer in beautiful Quebec City, Canada, learning French in a summer French immersion program with Edu-inter. Quebec City is the only major city in Canada that offers a 100-percent French-speaking 9.2/10(34). Edu-inter Summer Language School in Quebec: Experience true French language immersion in the beautiful city of Quebec in east-central Canada! Edu-inter offers summer French immersion programs for adults (16+), French language teachers and teenagers from around the world. 2018 will be the 13th year that we will hold our French Summer Program.

Edu-inter is a French immersion school accredited by Languages Canada and with a 10-year experience in teaching French to foreign students. Open all year round, they offer French immersion programs for adults and teenagers from all over the world in the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada. FRA70915 Bemidji Adult Immersion Week. French | Week | Ages 18-99 | Adults $970 | Seniors (65+): $890 | College students $890. Register.

Re: French Immersion/study programs for adult. Aug 9, 2017, 12:04 PM. Thank you for the recommendation of Chicoutimi or Trois Rivieres. That is exactly the type of place I am looking for- somewhere not so touristy, where the locals will enjoy chatting. Immersion for All: 5 French Courses That Make Total Immersion a Realistic Goal. Going 100% en français (100% French) will bring you to new heights not only in your language skills, but also in your confidence tout à fait (certainly)! One of the best ways of taking this step is to take a French immersion course.Author: Melody Tabatabaian.

Answer 1 of 76: Help! Looking for 3-4 week French immersion course at a serious school in Quebec City. Can someone please make a recommendation. Intermediate student looking for really intense program. Thanks! PT. french language immersion in quebec city canada _____ FRENCH LANGUAGE SCHOOL & COURSES, STUDY ABROAD IN QUEBEC CITY CANADA Learn French in Quebec City, enjoy your French learning vacation in this charming World Heritage (UNESCO) walled .