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free adult thanksgiving trivia - 21 Thanksgiving trivia questions most people don't know the answer to

Families get together for dinner and fun. Most people know the origin of Thanksgiving, but most do not know all the facts and trivia associated with Thanksgiving. This article shares Thanksgiving trivia, facts, and some fun activities for your family get-together. You will find some fun Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers to stump your. 64. In Boston there is a restaurant called The Top of the Hub. Every year it makes and delivers a free Thanksgiving meal to which group? (a) The homeless that live behind the restaurant Play our Thanksgiving Trivia Game. Play our Thanksgiving Bingo Game while the turkey cooks. We've got a couple of different fun recipes to serve with your.

The word trivia means 'something of very little importance'; that, however, doesn't necessarily mean it is not interesting. Trivia questions are becoming more and more popular among various age groups, and the fact that these not-so-important questions take you by surprise -- in most of the cases, at least -- has a crucial role to play in their popularity.Author: Abhijit Naik. This Thanksgiving Trivia quiz has been used as our Thanksgiving dinner table entertainment more than once over the years and it is always a hit! I update the questions by researching various sources, including the kids history books and even the Butterball Turkey website! It tests your knowledge on All Things Thanksgiving from the days of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, to the history of.

Sep 15, 2012 · As you get ready to send out Thanksgiving Day invitations, consider adding this free printable Thanksgiving trivia party game to your celebration agenda. Test your friend’s and family’s knowledge about all things Thanksgiving. This free printable game will be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving gathering. Fun Trivia Game for the Thanksgiving Table. Fun trivia questions for adults, teens and young children. After the turkey has been served and Aunt Ethel had told the family about her bunions, Teenage Billy has been teased about his new girlfriend and eight year old Bobby has horrified the adults at the table describing his fall from the tree, there might be a lull in the conversation.

Aug 04, 2018 · Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz Printable. This is the second design that I have made for this Thanksgiving trivia quiz. It is decorated with a colorful pumpkin pie and corn image. Just click on this thumbnail and right click and save the bigger image. Free Printable Thanksgiving Trivia. This is the third design that I have made for this game. Free Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Game. Free Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz for your next Thanksgiving Party. Let's find out how much you know about Thanksgiving. Try to answer this easy trivia about the Thanksgiving Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Indians, Thanksgiving ship, Thanksgiving turkey, Thanksgiving cornucopia, Thanksgiving Macy's parade and more from Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Sep 14, 2012 · Free Printable Thanksgiving Game – Word Scramble and Trivia September 14, 2012 June 6, 2013 Leslie Blumenstein Thanksgiving While you and your guests wait patiently for the delicious turkey to finish roasting, pass the time with this fun, free printable Thanksgiving game from PurpleTrail – .