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ford rotunda test strips - 328-2050-62291 - Truck Coolant Test Strips - (1) 50 Count Bottle w/Sampling Kit

The Ford Rotunda 328-2050 (CTS-3) series of test strips provides a fast and simple manner for testing SCA and freeze point in conventional antifreeze coolant. Test your coolant frequently to protect against liner pitting, corrosion and coolant dilution. This three-way test strip . Truck Coolant Test Strips - (1) 50 Count Bottle w/Sampling Kit. Rotunda Part Number: 328-2050-62291: Supplier Part Number: 2050-62291.

Ford Rotunda 328-071ELC. 328-071ELC 10 Test Strips Kit - $64.95 328-171ELC 100 Test Strips Kit - $549.95 Contamination Test for Extended Life Coolant. These R071-ELC test strips are the quickest, most efficient way to measure the purity and test for contamination of your extended life coolant. Testing your extended life coolant can help detect. Nov 16, 2011 · Rotunda test kits # 328-00001 and 328-00008, or equivalent, are required to properly test for nitrite contamination and the corrosion inhibitor level. These kits can be ordered by contacting Rotunda at 1-800-Rotunda (768-8632), option 2. Refer to workshop manual section 303-03B for details on how to check coolant condition and additive strengthAuthor: Fast Willy.

It is the perfect size for testing your coolant life, 4 test strips. If you use Motorcraft Gold for you Diesel engine this is the kit you need. This was exactly what I needed to test the SCA level in my 2000 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L diesel. The package was intact. The expiration date was just over a year away on the four strips. Worked perfectly.4.2/5(103). Find great deals on eBay for ford diesel coolant test strips. Shop with confidence.

Acustrip Fluid Testing Products - Ford & Lincoln Vehicle Reference Guide - May 2017 1.800.ROTUNDA / * Click on a product to visit it's detail page on 328-5050R Water Test Strip Kit. or to flush the cooling system, test for hardness, Ph and chloride levels using Rotunda test strips (see your local Dealer). If any criteria are not met, do not use tap water Keep It All Original Motorcraft Coolants Motorcraft Coolants offer the proper nitrite and silicate levels to .

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Ford Rotunda, Ford dealer, service tools, special tools, specialty tools, workshop equipment, essential special service tools, DES, dealer. Rotunda Anti-Freeze test strip kit (part number 328-00008) to test for coolant quality Add Diesel Supplemental Coolant Additive as necessary When should I flush my Power Stroke Diesel engine’s cooling system? A coolant flush should be performed when contaminants are found inside the engine’s cooling system. Consult the Ford Workshop Manual to.